Precision Oil Pen

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Precision Oil Pen

Precision oil pen

Precision oil pen of solid aluminum for exact dosing small quantities of oil and many other liquid media.

This precision-oil pen is made of solid aluminum and dispense small quantities of oil finely dosed dropwise. Even with very low viscosity oils and after a very long wait time, no drops may leak. This oil filler in the highest quality of workmanship is an uncompromising quality product Made in Germany for the highest demands. The oil filler can reach smallest and by the 50 mm long lance also deep hidden places effortlessly. The pen lubricates extremely precise and leaves the oil only exactly where you want it. All surrounding parts and areas remain, unlike other oilers or spray free of oil. The oil pen is equipped with a chic and handy clip that allows you to wear the oiler comfortable and clean e.g. in a shirt pocket or in work coats.

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